Why Plant+?

A single pound of beef takes over eight thousand litres of water to produce, and as Britons, we eat over 382 million kilograms of beef a year. The environmental impact of our diets is enormous, when it certainly doesn’t have to be.

Co founders of The Field Restaurant, Nik Williamson and Ryan Petty, believe in taking a closer look at our diets, and the role that meat plays in them. Meat has been a staple for the past century, as mass meat farming became easier due to the industrial revolution.

The demand for meat has only increased in the past hundred years, putting an enormous burden on natural resources. 

However, the tide is turning, and people are becoming more conscious about what their food is and where it comes from.

Nik and Ryan created the concept of Plant+, which removes the restrictions of a totally vegan diet, by providing one or two animal products for up to two meals.

“We believe that people should be eating less meat,” says head chef Ryan, who sees animal products as a treat as opposed to a staple of every meal.

Plant+ allows people to experience the divine, plant based meals that showcase the incredible variety of vegetables available from local London based suppliers, and treat themselves to high quality, eco friendly meat.

The Plant+ concept opens up the discussion around the benefits of reducing the intake of meat and animal products over quality, flavourful food.

Why not pop down to The Fields Restaurant and experience our Plant+ concept for yourself?