A New Curve In Fine Dining: Vegan Fine Dining

The vegan lifestyle has blossomed in the last five years thanks to an increase of awareness, and vegan-friendly product development. What started as a trend has become a lifestyle choice that allows people to live a healthier, and more sustainable existence. 


Vegan dining used to constitute of a small café in a trendy part of town that served lots of raw deserts and had a limited menu and flavour range. Thanks to the boom in the vegan lifestyle industry, world-class chefs are now experimenting with plant-based menus and are bringing something new to the table- literally.

Vegan fine dining has opened the doors for a vast and colourful experience that boasts flavours from all over the world. The demand for more plant based dining options has allowed creative minds to come together in the kitchen and create bold flavour and dining concepts.

At The Field Restaurant, we’ve created the concept of Plant+, which has paved the way for discussions on how to reduce animal products from our diets without sacrificing flavour or nutrition.

Not only is the food an adventure, but also the exploration of plant-based diets has allowed the space to re-design the experience of fine dining.